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Sterling Spirit Gemstone Bracelets

Sterling Spirit Gemstone Bracelets

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Simple and versatile, for him, for her, for you. 

Each bracelet features one of our themes with unique .925 silver bead & VG logo engraved on reverse. :

High Seas - An extension of the High Seas collection, our sailing ropes remind us we are all tied to the seas. Chrysocolla beads.

Tidal - Make your mark while remembering the footprints we leave, this bead features tide marks of sand. Matte & polished black onyx beads.

Wave - A geometric pattern of rays create the illusion of rolling waves catching the light as you move. Lapis lazuli beads.

Honu - A nod to the sea turtle, nature's symbol of patience and purposefulness. Moss agate & matte black onyx beads.

Savanna - Home to many of the species we love and honor, the windblown grass of the African savanna lends design to this bead. Tiger eye & black onyx beads.

Pebble - Reflecting all the small things that are part of the whole, coming together to build solid ground. Tourmaline & black onyx beads. 

Throughout time and across many cultures semi precious gemstones are worn to protect the wearer, each one with individual elements of attraction and healing. Our bracelets combine these elements with a symbol of protecting what is precious.  

  • Sterling silver

  • 8mm semi-precious gemstone beads
  • Slip-on style bracelet
  • Original designs copyrighted by Vargas Goteo

  • Designed with love, sustainably sourced materials, and handcrafted in Montreal. Beads may slightly vary in color from images as bracelets are handmade to order.