What it's all about...

Vargas Goteo became one of the firsts in its field to initiate a new perspective on the notion of value, highlighting the conservation of poached, illegally traded and irresponsibly sourced wildlife.  Established in 2010 by designer Alex Prijic Smith, and grown of the desire to create original & unique designs driven by true conservationist ideals.

All pieces are made in-house in Montreal, where Alex works with a team of traditionally skilled craftspeople. 
Collections raise awareness and contribute directly to carefully selected ocean and wildlife organization campaigns. These include anti-shark finning, manta ray conservation, coral reef restoration, anti-ivory poaching and anti-rhino poaching organizations.

Alex spent childhood summers both by the Adriatic Sea & on a remote family island in Canada, the natural world being introduced & influencing her from a very young age. Always returning to this source, nature in its purest forms has been a driving force throughout her career as an interior designer, and later as a jewelry designer.

Vargas Goteo combines eye catching, thought provoking design with ethical and social responsibility. Creating statement pieces that start a conversation about conservation.


There's so much value in respecting the natural world around us, it's what sustains us. Vargas Goteo pieces are symbols of that respect. It's a great feeling to give back, and if wearing or gifting a piece can provide someone a way to do that, it makes it all that more valuable. "                       
             - Alex Prijic Smith, Founder & Designer