• Glowing Coral Ring
  • Glowing Coral Ring
  • Glowing Coral Ring

Glowing Coral Ring

  • $480

Some corals glow in vibrant colors in a desperate bid to survive ocean heatwaves – it’s a spectacle that shouldn’t go unnoticed. For an ecosystem supporting over 1 million species, and 1 billion people with food and income, saving coral reefs is a fight we can't afford to lose.

In a collaboration with The Ocean Agency for the Glowing Glowing Gone campaign, this dazzling version of the signature coral branch ring features rows of sparkling gemstones glowing between our coral branch design.

  • Choice of sterling silver, 18k yellow / rose gold
  • 20mm width
  • Original designs copyrighted by Vargas Goteo

$15 of each silver creation and $50 of each 18k gold creation you purchase supports coral reef restoration