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Satin Spirit Bracelets

Satin Spirit Bracelets

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Satin cord in bold pops of color, soft pastels & neutrals. Easy to wear from activities into events, simple and versatile, for him, for her, for you.  

Each bracelet features one of our themes with unique sterling silver bead & VG logo engraved on reverse. :

High Seas - An extension of the High Seas collection, our sailing ropes remind us we are all tied to the seas.

Tidal - Make your mark while remembering the footprints we leave, this bead features tide marks of sand. 

Wave - A geometric pattern of rays create the illusion of rolling waves catching the light as you move.

Honu - A nod to the sea turtle, nature's symbol of patience and purposefulness.

Savanna - Home to many of the species we love and honor, the windblown grass of the African savanna lends design to this bead.

Pebble - Reflecting all the small things that are part of the whole, coming together to build solid ground.

Terra -  Terra firma or solid ground, our earth...made up of multifaceted elements each one shining its own light.

  • 7mm sterling silver sliding bead on adjustable satin bracelet with sliding knots & sterling silver crimps

  • Original designs copyrighted by Vargas Goteo

  • Designed with love, sustainably sourced materials, and handcrafted in Montreal.