Vargas Goteo jewelry, led by Alex Prijic Smith, combines eye catching and thought provoking designs, with the mission of bringing ethical and social responsibility to everyday wear. Creating statement pieces that start a conversation about conservation, handcrafted collections bring a new perspective to the word value of poached, illegally traded and irresponsibly sourced species. 

Each collection contributes and raises awareness for ocean and wildlife organization campaigns. These include anti-shark finning, manta ray conservation, coral reef conservation, anti-ivory poaching and anti-rhino poaching. 

Spending summers growing up by the Adriatic sea, raised by architect and designer parents, it was from an early age that natural beauty would influence Alex’s careers in interior design, and later in jewelry. The combination of personal interests and a creative outlet comes together with Vargas Goteo.  

The goal is to bring a new perspective to the word value when it comes to poached, illegally traded, and irresponsibly sourced animal products. There's much more value in leaving something where it belongs. 

Vargas Goteo pieces are symbols of that respect. It's a great feeling to give back, and if wearing or gifting a piece can provide someone a way to do that, it makes it all that much more valuable. "